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New Earth Compost | About Us

Whether you're already passionate about gardening, or just beginning to learn, we've got what you're looking for!
Good gardening starts here!

Our Mission:

Become the most recognized innovator and respected leader in the organics recycling industry.

Faithfully steward relationships with our team, customers, suppliers, communities, and the earth.

Maximize value creation for all our clients by providing the highest quality solutions through superior service, knowledge and technology.

Where We Come From:

New Earth began out of L&H Packing in San Antonio. Manure was our problem and we were looking for a solution almost 30 years ago. We came across composting as a means to get "rid" of our waste cost effectively. Since that time we have created a company that has seen rapid growth. New Earth has taken this model of creating a valuable "New Earth" product from many business and municipalities problems. With well over 1000 active customers we have the experience and the infrastructure to create sustainability through composting. Whether you are a customer who purchases our composts, soils, or mulches or are a City, Business or Municipal Authority wanting a solution, New Earth's team is ready to work for you. Our goal is to be the best in our industry by providing the highest quality products and services. Give us a call to see how New Earth can work for you.

"We use New Earth's potting soil for every plant in our nursery—from seedlings to large trees. We've been using their soil for at least five years, and the consistency is excellent. What's noteworthy is the richness of their soil. With New Earth, we only have to fertilize every two months."

Mike Fanick, owner of Fanick's Garden Center