landscapers-mix lgavailable bothLANDSCAPERS MIX

A blend of bio-solids compost, and humus with a little sandy loam.

  • Ideal for raised beds, flower beds, and general landscape planting
  • Great all around product with many uses with a pH around 7
  • Landscapers Mix is specially blended to help balance pH and EC, all while maintaining the physical characteristics needed to provide a great growing substrate
  • It is designed with your landscape in mind, only providing the organic ingredients you need to amend your beds and not full of loam and sand
  • This product is ideally suited for a blend in place application using the soil that is already there
  • Good porosity and moisture retention
  • High in organic matter and plant available micro and macro nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium Potassium, Copper, Iron, etc.