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Services & General Information

"I have had the pleasure of working with the team at New Earth here in Austin and also in Houston. They have always responded to my needs. A very professional outfit. Looking forward to many more years of doing business together."

Randy Thuente, Sr. Purchasing Manager - Valley Crest Landscape Companies

Retail Customers:

We offer:

  • Top quality soils, compost, and mulch
  • Brush Recycling (No root balls or palm tree trunks)
  • Lumber tipping (No painted, treated, pressed, or partical board)
  • Military and First Responder discounts
  • Bulk and Bagged products available
  • Large distribution network
  • Tandem dump truck and 18 wheeler delivery
  • Knowledgeable staff here to help with any questions
  • Open Saturdays during peak season

"Not only high quality and consistent products, folks at New Earth are always helpful in discussing needs we have on a project and assisting us in determining the appropriate product."

Larry Hicks, Principal-RVK

Contractors / Distributors / Wholesale:

New Earth works with a variety of soil yards, landscapers, TxDOT contractors, developers, construction companies, school districts, contractors, golf courses, turf farms, sports fields, wholesale growing operations, lawn maintenance companies and many other businesses involved in the green industry.

We offer:

  • Best Value in the industry
  • Guarantee load volumes
  • Full-time dedicated sales staff
  • Bulk and Bagged products
  • Fast turnaround time on deliveries
  • Ability to handle large volume projects
  • Large fleet of delivery trucks
  • Custom soil blending
  • Brush and lumber recycling


Businesses or municipalities participating with New Earth’s composting program will be able to reduce their disposal rates through composting. New Earth has been able to show a 20-25% reduction in the costs for disposal of unwanted compostable waste.

With our strategically located composting facilities New Earth, in most cases, is closer than traditional landfills saving you fuel and time in addition to a competitive or reduced disposal fee. Compostables include food waste, vegetable waste, agricultural manures, Class B-Biosolids, brush, leaves, untreated wood by-products, cardboard, and many organic liquids are all accepted materials for composting.

Licensed and bonded, with years of experience and training to help you solve your problem, we are ready for you to join the list of businesses and municipalities that we help achieve green.

We offer:

  • Organics recycling
  • Organics composting
  • Class B - Biosolids Composting
  • Certified Compost facility managers
  • TCEQ Registered Composting Facility for secure composting of your waste
  • Off-site brush grinding

"For the past 4 years, New Earth Soils & Compost has supplied Magnolia Gardens Nursery with a custom blend of soil which is used in just about all of our container production. The quality of their product is exceptional, to say the least. The consistency of the product’s ingredients, pH, and EC are by far the most dependable of any supplier I have had the pleasure of working with.

By far, the most admirable asset of New Earth is their exceptional customer service. Any request or change we have ever needed has been carried out in the most thought out and calculated manner possible; extremely proficient.

I feel that New Earth is on the cutting edge of the soil and composting industry. Magnolia Gardens Nursery has had the pleasure of assisting New Earth with on-site trials of potential new products. They strive to develop new products that utilize resources that are more readily available to help cut costs yet still produce a high-quality product. Their new products are very methodically tested before introducing to the market. They have teamed up with Texas A&M University to develop methods for trialing new products to provide accurate data collection.

All in all, Great Products, Exceptional Service."

Travis Laskowski, Head Grower, Magnolia Gardens Nursery