About Us

Our Mission:

Become the most recognized innovator and respected leader in the organics recycling industry.
Faithfully steward relationships with our team, customers, suppliers, communities, and the earth.
Maximize value creation for all our clients by providing the highest quality solutions through superior service, knowledge, and technology.

Where We Come From:

New Earth was established in 1997 in San Antonio, TX. It started with a need to provide waste solutions to local organic waste producers. At the same time, New Earth was able to provide quality soil, mulch, compost, and more from that organic waste. For more than 20 years, New Earth has leveraged technology and experience to create value for millions of customers.

New Earth is a sustainability leader in Texas, providing superior products and excellent service. From large municipalities with multiple waste streams to a single potted plant in a window sill, New Earth has solutions to fit every need. The best part about New Earth is our team, which treats each customer with the same Texas hospitality as the next.