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Vortex Premium Potting Soil 400

Vortex Potting Soil is a mix of premium composts, dehydrated poultry litter, perlite, decomposed granite sand, bio-char and mycorrhizae. Although great in pots of any shape or size, it is also an excellent option for raised beds or square foot gardens.

Hill Country Garden Soil 400

Hill Country Garden Soil contains a balanced blend of nutrient rich composts, coir, and beneficial biochar. It is ideal for raised beds, new lawns and landscapes, and gardens of all types when mixed with your favorite organic fertilizer during planting!

Revitalizer Compost Blend 400

Revitalizer Compost Blend contains a blend of humus and manure composts, beneficial microbes, and absolutely no bio-solids. Use Revitalizer to topdress the lawn, mulch around trees and shrubs, enrich garden soils, and loosen heavy clay or compacted soils.

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New Earth, the makers of Lady Bug Brand, have supplied Texas with superior composts, soils, mulches, and more since 1997.

We recycle over 400,000 metric tons of organic material yearly and growing. Most New Earth products are taken in as organic waste, processed, and will be used to replenish the earth. New Earth is proud to play a part in recycling organic waste and creating sustainability for our communities.

New Earth is a proud member of the Denali family of brands.

VORTEX Premium Potting Soil is ideal for

Vortex Premium Potting Soil 400
  • Houseplants

  • Annuals

  • Perennials

  • Herbs

  • Vegetables

  • Succulents


This product is formulated with composted pine bark, composted rice hulls, cotton burr compost, manure compost, perlite, decomposed granite sand, biochar, dehydrated poultry litter, and mycorrhizae.

+ How To Use

How much should I water my pots?

Always follow the recommended guidelines for each plant. Soak soil pots thoroughly until water drains out of the bottom for 1-3 seconds. Watering frequency depends on each plant, but if the soil is dry at a depth of 1 inch, watering is recommended. Do not water too frequently. Allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering ensures proper aeration. It is important to remember that soil in clay pots dries faster than in plastic pots. Use saucers to catch excess water so the soil can reabsorb it (dump excess out after several hours). This ensures even moisture distribution throughout the soil.

When should I repot?

Rootbound plants have trouble retaining sufficient moisture and need to be repotted in a larger container. A 20%-30% increase in size of pot is recommended. Remember small plants in large pots are hard to keep evenly watered, it is better to start them in smaller pots and gradually bump them up.

Can I start seeds in Vortex Premium Potting Soil?

Yes, sifting the soil through a ¼ inch screen will improve the soil for the delicate seedlings.

Hill Country Garden Soil is ideal for

Hill Country Garden Soil 400
  • Raised beds & large outdoor planters

  • Trees & shrubs

  • Vegetable & flower gardens

  • Roses

  • Native & xeric landscapes

  • Lawns, levelling & filling


This product is formulated with processed forest products, coir, biochar, composts, and fertilizer.

+ How To Use

Raised Beds

If you are using Hill Country Garden Soil in a raised bed, planter, or for any new garden or landscape, we suggest using a minimum of 6 inches of soil.

Planting Trees & Shrubs

It is always better to backfill with the existing soil. When there is not enough soil or when it is extremely poor, blend Hill Country Garden Soil with the existing soil and backfill. A top dressing of several inches of new soil is also beneficial.

Vegetables & Flowers

Hill Country Garden Soil is rich with compost that holds reserves of essential nutrients. However, to stimulate faster growth, we recommend using your favorite fertilizer, preferably a few weeks before planting. You can also use Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer™ Compost. Adding Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer™ Compost twice a year as part of your annual fertilizer program will ensure continually productive soil.


This is an excellent starting medium for roses. For spectacular results, top dress roses with Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer™ Compost.

Native Plants

Most native plants will thrive in this well-drained growing medium. For best results, blend Hill Country Garden Soil with the existing soil and reduce or eliminate your fertilizer program.


Use a minimum of 2-4 inches of Hill Country Garden Soil before seeding or sodding. Use Hill Country Garden Soil for covering patches and leveling your lawn as needed.

Revitalizer Compost Blend is ideal for

Revitalizer Compost Blend 400
  • Enriching & improving the texture of garden soils

  • Loosening heavy clay & complicated soils

  • Top dressing gardens & landscapes

  • Mulching around trees & shrubs

  • Stimulating microbial life for natural disease suppression


This product is formulated with processed forest products, coir, biochar, composts, and fertilizer.

+ How To Use

Amending Poor Soil or a New Garden

Spread 2 inches of Revitalizer™ over the soil and mix in, to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. For heavy clay soils, 4 to 6 inches can be added.

How Much & How Often

A ½ inch layer of Revitalizer™ spread over gardens and landscapes, spring and fall, is plenty. This quantity can be slightly increased or decreased depending on your plants and the soil used.

As a Mulch

Spread 1 inch around vegetables, and 1 to 2 inches around shrubs and trees, once or twice per year. Always keep compost away from trunks and stems.

In Containers

A ½ inch thick layer on the surface will aid with moisture retention. Remember, compost should not directly touch stems.

Top Dressing Lawns

Add ¼ to ½ inch layer of Revitalizer™ compost in fall, winter, or spring. Aerate, then spread Revitalizer™, rake in and water to speed up incorporation into the soil.

Aerobic Compost Tea

Revitalizer™ is excellent when used as a part of your favorite aerobic compost tea recipe. It contains both, beneficial bacterial and fungal microorganisms.

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