In the past, a business that sells products by volume instead of weight has encountered a common question, “How do you know that volume is accurate” or a common statement, “That doesn’t look like 50 cubic yards”. Proving these could be difficult, and in the end, cost the supplier and end-user time and money. New Earth has found the answer.

We searched for a way that would allow us to accurately track inbound raw materials and outbound finished goods. We were the second company in the nation to invest and install a cutting-edge volumetric scanning system at each of our facilities. The system stores electronic images of each of our trucks and trailers, and when full of material, the voids are calculated giving us a volume measurement in cubic yardage. This has revolutionized the way we do business. We can ensure that our customers receive and pay for what they order, and has increased our inventory accuracy. By using New Earth, you can be supplied with confidence.