Premium Composted Mulch is one of our darkest and most aged mulches. It is a natural product that provides weed suppression, moisture retention, and color enhancement. Premium Composted Mulch works great to add organic matter, beneficial microbes, and nutrients into your mulched areas. New Earth’s mulches are made from 100% recycled wood sourced from your community. These products are processed to provide the most beneficial and appealing material available and packaged for your convenience. Follow the directions below for the best results. Thank you for choosing New Earth Premium Composted Mulch to beautify your landscape!

Check your local   for availability.


  1. Prepare the area by removing unwanted weeds and old mulch.

  2. Apply a 2″-4″ layer of mulch for walkways or around shrubs, flowers, and trees to help control weeds and retain moisture.

  3. Prevent disease, stress, and insects by avoiding direct mulch contact with the trunk of the trees or shrubs.

  4. For best results apply mulch annually to increase air and water flow to the root zone.