Top Shelf ® Potting Soil


Organic Top Shelf® Potting Soil is created from organic materials close to home ensuring great performance in your landscape. We start by taking our Organic Top Shelf® Compost then add sand, pine bark, and perlite. This mix forms an ideal media for your plants to grow strong in container pots, raised beds, or your garden. The Organic Top Shelf® Compost in this mix has met the STA requirements as set forth by the US Composting Council®. This bag of Organic Top Shelf® Potting Soil is OMRI® listed.

Check your local   for availability.


  1. Prepare existing area by removing all unwanted weeds.

  2. Fill container or bed with potting soil or add 2″-4″ to existing soil and work in with a spade or a shovel.

  3. Plant directly into potting soil.

  4. Depending on plant selection, container size and placement keep the soil moist but not saturated. Water as needed.