New Earth Soil Conditioner is finely screened and crafted from our premium aged pine bark and a compost blend. It is designed to enhancesoil such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, and aeration. It can also be mixed with sandy soil to improve structure, compacted soil to improve drainage, or mixed with regular soil to maintain sustainability for plant growth. Soil Conditioner is ideally suited for planting annual color crops, amending compacted beds, or can be used as a finely ground premium aged mulch for topdressing. Thank you for choosing New Earth Soil Conditioner to beautify your landscape!

Check your local   for availability.


  1. Prepare planting area by clearing off weeds and removing mulch.

  2. Apply 2”-4” of New Earth Soil Conditioner to entire planting area.

  3. Incorporate New Earth Soil Conditioner into the existing soil with a spade or shovel.

  4. Continue with planting and then cover beds with mulch to conserve moisture and keep ground temperature moderated.