Top Shelf® Garden Soil


Organic Top Shelf® Garden Soil is crafted from locally sourced raw materials to ensure quality performance in your landscape. We start by taking our Organic Top Shelf® Compost, add a clean chocolate loam, and Poteet red sand to allow for a proper balance of moisture holding capacity and tilth. This specialty blend is perfect for your garden or any general landscape application. The Organic Top Shelf® Compost in this mix has met the requirements set forth by the US Composting Council®. This bag of Organic Top Shelf® Garden Soil is OMRI® listed.

Check your local   for availability.


  1. Prepare planting area by clearing off weeds and removing mulch.

  2. Apply 2-4″ of Organic Top Shelf® Garden Soil to entire planting area.

  3. Incorporate Organic Top Shelf® Garden Soil into the existing soil with a spade or shovel.

  4. Continue with planting and then cover beds with mulch to conserve moisture and keep ground temperature moderated.