Organic Top Shelf® Compost is transformed through blending nitrogen and carbon material at a sustained high temperature with the right amount of oxygen and moisture. Millions of microbes then go to work breaking down the organic matter into humus-rich food for your soil. This bag contains Medina® Growing Green Fertilizer and should be generously applied to your garden or flower beds before planting for maximum benefit. The Organic Top Shelf Compost in this bag has met the STA requirements as set forth by the US Composting Council®This bag of Organic Top Shelf Compost is OMRI® listed.

Check your local   for availability.


  1. Prepare planting area by clearing off weeds and removing mulch.

  2. Apply 2-4″ of Organic Top Shelf® Compost to entire planting area.

  3. Incorporate Organic Top Shelf® Compost into the existing soil with a spade  or shovel

  4. Continue with planting and then cover beds with mulch to conserve moisture and keep ground temperature moderated.